Monday, February 28, 2011

Queen of Vintage Vol.2: Meow by Rin Tanaka

Rin Tanaka photo journalist and creator of "My Freedamn!", a series of American Vintage Clothing Books concentrating on Vintage T-shirts, 1960's Pop Fashions, Harley Davidson - Book of Fashions, Vintage Beach Fashions, Hippie to Grateful Dead T-shirts, Rock 'n Roll Fashions & King of Vintage No. 1 Heller's Cafe.

Also Rin Tanaka just hosted his 2nd Annual My Freedamn! Inspiration "We Insist" Vol.2 Vintage Show held February 11-12 on the famous Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach, California. With over 2500 people attending from the US, Japan & Europe the show was held w/ much success w/ vintage vendors & clothing retailers & manufacturer's from the US & Japan showing. The future looks very bright for Mr. Tanaka & his My Freedamn! Inspiration show. At the show he released his most recent book "Queen of Vintage Vol. 2: Meow featuring Kathleen Schaaf's Curated Vintage Collection. This book is on sale now and can be bought at

Come back this Friday for a special interview I recently had w/ Rin Tanaka on his published books "My Freedamn" & his My Freedamn! Inspiration Vintage Show!

Queen of Vintage Vol. 2: Meow

Gift bag given out at My Freedamn! Inspiration "We Insist" Vol. 2.

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