Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harris Tweed Vs. Vivienne Westwood

I'm sure there has been a lot of speculation & comparison of these 2 logos of the trademark Harris Tweed and Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood prominent logo's, but I can not help but notice it every time I look at a Harris Tweed Label I always think of Vivienne Westwood. Not a bad thing at all as I am a big fan of her design and quirky punk-like fashion.
Did she copy the logo? Is is very close!

Well w/ a bit of research on-line I have found her theory and seems to be legit especially w/ her love of tweeds and her logo which was inspired by the Harris Tweed logo. Take a look for yourself above.

"The 'orb' of Vivienne Westwood reflects the orb of the British Crown Jewels but with the addition of the 'planetary' circle around it she gave it a bit of a punk twist. She has always used a lot of tweeds and tartans, which even inspired her logo:
"The infamous Harris Tweed is certified as a genuine by the Harris Tweed Authority. The orb motif was reworked by Vivienne Westwood for her label logo."

And now you heard it here!


  1. What is the cause of Harris Tweed's infamy?

  2. We this now shows that fashion designer Vivienne Westwood did steal the Harris Tweed Logo and was pursued in court in 1997 by the Harris Tweed Authority .

    Vivienne Westwood is clearly hypercritical and it find it shocking to discover that she took a small designer named Anthony Knight to the IPEC courts in 20011 for so called Trademark Infringement when she herself steals other people designs and logos. this is great article and will be used as example in my IPO solicitors exam