Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marlon Gobel - Fall/ Winter 2011 - "The Secret Order"!

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Marlon Gobel - Fall/ Winter 2011 - "The Secret Order"!

Marlon Gobel ask where have all the secret society clubs gone? Good question?
This was a time of the fratenal orders when men would come together to gather and talk about politics, finances, sports and every day life existing in the city and world around them. These clubs thrived in the early to mid 1800's and into the mid 1950's. Since then these clubs have almost disappeared.

So what Marlon wanted to do w/ his Fall/ Winter 2011 Collection which was held at The Park Avenue Armory (great choice as this place is old world beautiful) is kind of take us back to that time w/ a modern whimsically approach. I love to use the word whimsical w/ Marlon b/c that's just what he creates and does so masterfully!

In his collection there was hand painted velvet jackets of ships sailing in storm battered waters, broken/worn plaid suits, tweed jackets, plenty or corduroy jackets & suits, plaid pea coats, glen plaid cashmere jackets, quilted velvet bomber jackets, distressed rustic shearling jackets, beautiful chunky cable shawl sweaters and engineered fairisles & unicorns. And not to forget amazing Christian Louboutin shoes w/ bad ass gold & silver spikes to name a few!

His colors were rich reds & greens to purples, gold, & cadet blues which seemed to be playing to traitional university colors, but very rich and genuine looking.

There was a sense of preppy, sport, neoclassic and definitely modern. He really hit on all cylinders.
Marlon attracts & directs.

Thanks for the Great Show Marlon....Bravo!


  1. Heard about the show. I did not attend, but heard it has been one of the best shows this fashion week!

  2. It was different than any other show I've seen this week.

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