Saturday, December 17, 2011

Colleg Basketball - Rep Your Team

This week our College Basketball - Rep Your Team is The North Carolina Tarheels. Ranked #6 in the Country they are definitely a National Champion contender lead by Harrison Barnes & Tyler Zeller. Today they are playing the Appalachian State Mountaniers. Should be an easy win!

So to you North Carolina we reward you w/ our IVY PREPSTER Bayard Regiment Stripe Square Bottom Knit Tie. Visit to purchase this tie. If your a Carolina fan you'll love it and even if your not you'll still love it!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Red Drizzler

While on my recent trip to Japan for IVY PREPSTER I came across Kakimoto Eiichi (Kaki) relaxing on a beautiful day in the Harajuku area of Japan.  His Red Vintage Drizzler caught my eye along w/ his black & white spectator wing tips.  I really loved his look w/ the beret down to the sachel to the off white Lee Westerner Jeans.  Thanks Kaki for being a great sport!

Black & Whte Wing Tips

Lee Westerner Denim

The Drizzler by McGregor

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"Stay Preppy My Friends"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

College Basketball - Rep Your Team

This time around the College Basketball arena our focus is on the Harvard Crimson.  Harvard is being said to have its best basketball team ever and is currently ranked #25 in the AP top 25 Coaches Poll for the first time in some time.  They are the expected Ivy League Champion for the 2011-2012 Basketball Season and should make an interesting entrance into the NCAA tournament come March.  Tonight they play the University of Connecticut which should be for an interesting game.  

So to you Harvard we reward you w/ our IVY PREPSTER Triumph Dot (Welch w/ White Dots) Square Bottom Knit Tie.
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Triumph Dot Square Bottom Knit Tie

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Odakyu Department Store Men's Style Comic Vol. 7

Free and Easy The Rugged Museum - Tokyo, Japan

While in Tokyo last week I had the great oppurtunity to stop by the infamous store of Free & Easy The Rugged Museum.  Free & Easy is down right the most interesting and best menswear publication in the world.  If you have never seen a copy you need to pick one up ASAP.  These are collector editions and the majority of them get sold out w/ in a few months.  The epidomy of menswear fashion.  Pick up a copy at Kinokuniya bookstores in the US or Japan.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

IVY PREPSTER at Stadium - Tokyo, Japan

On my recent trip to Japan I had the opportunity to stop at one of our accounts, Stadium in Tokyo. They have a great store and are doing some great things. Pls check out their website when you have a chance. They have a great blog as well which displays the many labels they carry. IVY PREPSTER is very happy to be a partner w/ them!

Todd w/ Hiroto of Stadium

Todd w/ the other Hiroto of Stadium