Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anchors Away!

Sheldon Canvas Bound Journal

Coach has some new accessories arrivals for Spring 2011.

One we love is the printed anchor on canvas - sheldon canvas bound journal, large zip envelope & bifold card case. All w/ leather trim. Lots of play on canvas is happening and love Coach's maritime preppy approach!

Sheldon Canvas Bifold Card Case

Sheldon Canvas Large Zip Envelope

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Full Windsor or Half Windsor?

Let's just say the The Windsor Bar (reference to the windsor tie knot....full or half) is an upscale sports bar that's not your typical sports bar w/ guys and gals in jerseys yelling and screaming at the TV. This is a quaint, almost hidden GEM in NYC's West Village situated at the corner of West 4th St & 1oth St.

Yes, it has all the flat screens as your normal sports bar, but almost more like a Society Club. The walls are lined w/ pinstripe cloth wallpaper w/ nice burgundy leather booths and black and white sports photos and other sports nastalgia of NYC. They offer some pretty good food fare too!
Buffalo wings which are worth mentioning for NYC and crab cakes for opening apps and then some sandwiches such as the Lobster BLT & Beef Short Rib Sandwich....Delicious!!!
The atmosphere is low key & classy. Good looking people and upscale young professionals w/ a preppy feeling. Downtown banker's dressed in their suits and jackets mixed in w/ the dressed down guys in a their plaid or tattersal shirt w/ his chino's or slim fit denim. The ladies are elegant in their dresses & skirts and cashmere fitted sweaters. Mingle amongst this classy crowd while you enjoy Spaten Ocktoberfest, Brooklyn IPA or dress it up a bit more w/ the house cocktail special Half Windsor which is a crisp martini of Hendrick’s gin, yuzu, cucumber juice and rose-water sprit.
Mark it down for your next night out you roll w/ your crew and we think you'll like it!

"Stay Preppy My Friends"

Elizabeth Taylor

We'll Miss you LIZ!!!


Sweet as Sunshine!

Elizabeth Taylor by Andy Warhol

Liz could really wear those novelty prints.!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Flamingo Kid - A Legend In His Own Neighborhood!

Back in 1984 The Flamingo Kid was released. A comedy film directed & written by Garry Marshall which starred Matt Dillon, Richard Crenna, Hector Elizondo and Janet Jones. A coming-of-age movie about a working class boy who takes a summer job at a beach resort and learns valuable life lessons. It was the first movie to receive a PG-13 rating.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Donate to The Victims of the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

If you're thinking of ways to help the victims of the Earthquake & Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 please donate to the Red Cross Japan Fund. This is the best, safest & quickest way to get funds to these victims. Japan needs our help and they need it now!

Pls go to the American Red Cross link below and make your donation or by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 so you can donate $10. Pls make your donation now. We are with you Japan.

UNIQLO Pledges 25.6 Million to Victimns of Japan's Devastating 9.0 Earthquake & Tsunami

UNIQLO CEO Tadashi Yanai

Tadashi Yanai, founder and president of Fast Retailing, which owns Uniqlo, will give $12.2 million from his own pocket, while Uniqlo will give $4.9 million. "Uniqlo will also distribute coats, jeans, towels and 300,000 pairs of its Heattech thermal underwear to victims, representing an additional $8.6 million of aid

Monday, March 14, 2011

On The Street!


Crossover black leather zip motorcycle jacket w/ soft grey breton stripe turtle neck and woven solid poplin grey shirt.
Double face grey wool tweed slacks w/ side zip pockets rolled up over contrast red lace up black leather boots.

Great look for any day of the week or just a nice motorcycle (more like vespa) ride around the block!

"Stay Preppy My Friends"

Friday, March 11, 2011

House of Anubis....All Out Prep School Mystery

House of Anubis is a teen mystery drama soap series based on the Belgian/Dutch series Het Huis Anubis. The series was created by Hans Bourlon & Gert Verhulst and premiered on Nickelodeon on January 1, 2011, in the United States and on 25 February 2011, in the United Kingdom.

The series follows a group of eight teenagers who live together in Anubis House (named after the Egyptian god Anubis), an early 1900s-era building that serves as a boarding house for an elite boarding school in the United Kingdom. Nina Martin (Nathalia Ramos), an American girl who had been living with her grandmother since the death of her parents, leaves the States to attend and move into the school; at the same time, another resident, popular student Joy Mercer (Klariza Clayton), suddenly disappears without warning and the school's strict caretaker, Victor Rodenmaar (Francis Magee), attempts to be rid of Joy's existence from the school.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gant on - 60/70% Off

Classic past times. A whole new affair through modern approach these clothese are a perfect way to rock out a little old-school prep this spring!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brooks Brothers

"As the oldest institution of its kind, perhaps, in the United States. It is natural that Brooks Brothers has developed a personality so distinct...that a great many people have come to regard us not merely as a business, but more as a life long family friend."

-From a 1939 Brooks Brothers advertisement-

"Stay Preppy My Friends"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Freedamn, Freedamn, Freedamn....RIN TANAKA!!!

It took me awhile to think about what to title this interview w/ Rin Tanaka. Known for his masterpiece photo journalist publications of the phenom "My Freedamn!" books which focus on vintage clothing of past era's, rock-n-roll fashions & pop culture I figured what better way then to connect his work and title of his books to the famous Aretha Franklin song "Think Freedom"!

Freedom is the ability to make choices and do what we feel comfortable doing. Aretha was born in Memphis and then later settled in the Motown city of Detroit. Rin Tanaka mentions in the interview his love for music especially duruing his travels in the US of major music cities such as Memphis and Detroit. These were major cities in the 60's, 70's & 80's that played an important part in American music history. In the 1960's music was really music and the times were changing where rock-n-roll & the blues were making a big impact in the US and across the world. Music was on the fore front and was taking affect on people and impacting their every day life.

In the interview Rin opens up w/ a dislike of what "American Freedom Spirits" has gone from Freedom to "Freedamn" expressing how things have changed over time. He also talks about people that have influenced him to think certain ways and his love for the American culture such as Vintage Fashions which many of his books relate to and have almost become the bible for vintage fashions and who people are making reference to especially the fashion industry. He has created a huge following know as the "Freedamn Heads".

I had the delight to interview Rin Tanaka after his recent My Freedamn! Inspiration "We Insist" 2 day Vintage Clothing show held on the Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach, CA where over 2500 people attended from the US, Japan & Europe. The show was a great success and hopes to grow even bigger next year. The future looks bright for Mr. Tanaka and his Vintage Show which is the only Vintage Clothing Show of this nature held in the world.

Oh, and did I mention Rin Tanaka has just released his newest book (#18) which is a My Freedamn! Special, "Queen of Vintage Vol.2: Meow" featuring Kathleen Schaaf's Curated Vintage Collections.

IP: What gave you the idea to do "My Freedamn!" and how did you come about the name?

RT: This is a long story.......when I thought about the title my favorite song, "My Generation" by The Who came to me. I changed it and the title became "My Freedamn!". I have been respecting "American Freedom Spirits" but they have been going to many "DAMM" ways unfortunately!

IP: You published your first “My Freedamn!” in 2003. What was the initial reaction to it? Were you planning others at the same time or were you waiting to see how the first one was recepted?

RT: “My Freedamn!” started as an UNDERGROUND self-publication, but I had already 10,000 fans worldwide before 2003, though my other 5 titles like "Motorcycle Jackets" by Schiffer sold 15000 copies. “My Freedamn!” 1 was quickly sold out worldwide fortunately!

IP: Did you have any idea how popular "My Freedamn!” would become?

RT: No, I was simply surprised! I couldn't understand why people loved my "DAMN" books!

IP: You almost have a cult following which you refer to as "Freedamn Heads"! You reference pop culture in almost all your books so was this some kind of grassroots following you were trying to establish similar to how The Grateful Dead developed the "Dead Heads" which you also make reference to in "My Freedamn 4" w/ the book’s cover symbolic to and featuring the Grateful Dead. I love the name "Freedom Heads", is this how the name came about and if not how so?

RT: I as a music lover had been respecting the Grateful Dead when I was a teen in the 1980’s. Actually I had learned so many unique thinking ways from them, how to find an alternative way of life? Self-publishing is one of my answers I came up w/ in my mind through my DEAD HEAD days!

IP: You’ve referred to Robert Frank who wrote “The Americans” in “My Freedamn!”. He seems to have been an inspiration to you. Can you pls talk a bit more about Robert Frank and his theories on photo journalism?

RT: Robert Frank had built a very basic method in photo journalism after WWII. So many photographers throughout the world still respect his "attitudes" including me! I hope Robert would like my books when he checks them out!

IP: Did Robert Frank influence you into the American Culture such as rock-n- roll, clothing, motorcycles & etc.?

RT: No, I received many other influences about music and fashion from other artists and books. I think I learned many "culture ideas" when I was growing up in Japan in the 1980’s and 1990’s! I also have studied so much music from my American friends in Mississippi, Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans, Austin, Detroit and traveled states since 1990.

IP: Your photographs & images in your books are exhilarating. I can tell w/ each shot you take there is your passion and love for what you are exposing to us “Freedamn Heads”. What else are you thinking when you are photographing these images?

RT: I self-taught myself professional photography methods. I am still learning everyday in my photo studios so there is nothing special in my photography, but simply I have been trying to get “REAL” smiles into my slide films (or digital since 2008). Also I am not an artist, but an “EDITORIAL” photographer. Most importantly for me is that my photos will finally fit into the layout of my pages.

IP: Why is "King of Vintage - Heller's CafĂ©” so Popular?

RT: Honestly, I don't know why? I do know that many fashion people are paying close attention to it as it pays reference to1910’s-1940’s Americana fashion which is becoming some of today’s fashions.

IP: I'm sure all your books you are so proud of, but which one do you feel you really hit it out of the park w/ and feel you accomplished everything you set out to do?

RT: l had so many memories during editing all of my 18 titles I’ve published since 1998, but "My Freedamn! 1" and "Harley Davidson Book Of Fashions" may be my masterpiece....

IP: Speaking of hitting it out of the ball park you’ve mentioned baseball a bit in your forewords so I gather you have a love for the game. You mention the famous Yomiuri Giants along w/ Japanese world home run king Mr. Sadaharu Oh. Have you ever thought of doing an American/Japanese Baseball Vintage Book?

RT: Yes, Mr. Sadaharu Oh was a superstar among Japanese Baseball kids in the 1970s! I learned from him to always do "120% BEST" all the time!! Sure, I still love baseball fashions. So I do hope to make a title in the near future!

IP: I think you could probably open up your fan base even more to a bigger audience & new level if you were to do a Baseball book especially here in America as this is our National Pastime. What do you think?

RT: You know, Baseball fans are not so fashion oriented so I’m not may be correct though! So let me try in the near future if NBL will ask me to make books?

IP: Last question and I thank you so much! I recently read in the Los Angeles Times you quoted “We have no men’s vintage show in the world.” How do you feel to be doing a vintage show and in its second year? Do you feel you are putting vintage back on the map and making it popular than ever before? Is it fair to say you are a pioneer of bringing vintage back?

RT: I am so happy to have vintage MEN's Fashion event with 2500 world vintage freaks, 60% men’s / 40% women’s. I don't think I am a PIONEER, because the vintage clothing business had already started in the 1970’s.

"Freedamn Heads".....keep on keepin on!!!

My Freedamn! - Rin Tanaka Interview to Post Tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Preppy allover gLee!!!


The much awaited menswear site MR PORTER has finally been launched. MR PORTER is the brother to net-a-porter. MR PORTER will have features such as The Journal, Style Directory, Style Profiles & Wardrobe Manager.