Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dressed to Impressed...Sparkle Interest!

These 2 were making a statement to the preppy movement that is upon us! I just had to take a shot of these 2 guys.

The guy on the left in fitted rolled up denim w/ blue docksiders, a red & white neat gingham shirt and a 2 button notch lapel glen plaid jacket w/ soft powder blue accents.

The guy on the right in a pair of rolled up soft pencil stripe chino pant w/ brown docksiders, a yellow polo under a cropped 4 to 2 button double breasted slub linen plaid jacket.

Their look is preppy, but classic and not too over done. These guys have style and can pull off anything. Cheers to you both and thanks for the great shots!!!


  1. thanks a lot man, we appreciate it a deeply. You can find us at our blog and tumblr.
    the link is there
    Hanif Castle of ACL (man on the left) lol

  2. ayyye love these guys... cool cover on them!
    ---Julisa <3

  3. Hanif & Joe, no problem! Thank you!
    I'll check your blog out!