Friday, July 9, 2010

Brooks Brothers - Fleece for Children

Brooks Brothers has introduced a new clothing line for children called "Fleece" by NY designer Nikki Kule. I think it was definitely time for Brooks Brothers to do this w/ everyone getting into the childrens clothing business from J. Crew "Crew Cuts", Gap Kids & Zara to name a few. Also w/ this whole prep movement happening what a better time.

We all know clothe dressing is passed down from generation to generation and looks inherited from past decades. We have to educate our kids to be good dressers just like we inherited from our parents and they inherited inherited from theirs. Lets face it America has gotten away from dressing and we are being put to shame by both Europe & Asia. We need to get back to basics and start all over and this is the time!

With our economy in an up and down roller coaster ride and an endless war we need to educate our future and what better to way to do this than w/ our kids. Dressing can make a child feel important and in today's world "Cool" and let it be known kids today have a lot of say in what they wear. They know what they want and like and wearing basics w/ little whimsical details makes this BB's "Fleece" line that and inheriting the BB's heritage into the line. I love what Nikki did w/ incorporating the signature BB's navy blazer metal buttons into the girl's line and using some of the boy's fabric in the girl's collection. Can't wait to see this in the stores!

Take a look at the video, great job BB's!!!

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