Monday, February 15, 2010

TRIBUTE: RIP.........Mr. McQueen

On the morning of Thursday February, 11th Designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his central London home apparently by suicide which is believed he had hung himself . The news shocked fashion all over the world especially New York as fashion week was just starting and just before London fashion week was beginning.

Mr. McQueen was very creative & intelligent. He always thought the fashion industry needed to be pushed and risks taken. He could be very rude w/ a dark side, but elegant at the same time. He was very skilled w/ his designs and known to be one of the best Women's tailors in the world. His expertise was exquisite and understood how clothing was made being either practical or over the top avant-garde.

His designs were provocative and were sometimes shown on models who appeared to have been physically abused and drugged up. He always said "I'm not interested in being liked.....Nicey nice doesn't do it for me".
Alexander McQueen was known throughout his career as a fashion maverick, fusing creative spark with skilled craftsmanship. He is known for introducing such trends as the skinny jean and low rise pants. He put on masterful shows and was a pioneer for putting Britain on the fashion Map. He will be missed!

Alexander McQueen was 40.

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